Leave a Life to Gain a Life...

As many of you know, the Lord called us to Rwanda Africa in January 2007. We took the next 10 months to sell our house and find new homes for just about all of our belongings including our two dogs. Little did we know, that in just 18 months time we would find ourselves back in Canada with no jobs, no home, and not too many belongings.

It was very difficult to leave Rwanda; when we left Canada to go there we really thought that it was for a life time. When only a year and a half later the Lord released us we were confused, sad and truthfully a bit angry.

It took us several months to get over all those feelings, and some days are still harder than others. It's one of the most difficult things to do - I think, to care for people so much that they literally become your family and then have to say good bye to them knowing that it could quite possibly be the last time you see them. A part of us will remain in Rwanda...forever really.

But, the Lord does not close a door without opening another! We are his children and He really is the best dad ever! He only wants what is best for us, and that means that when we don't understand - or agree! we still have to do what He asks. And for us, that meant leaving Rwanda early.

He let us come home and heal for several months before really calling us back to the mission field. We actually had Thailand presented to us by some very dear friends within weeks of us arriving back in Canada. And although we were very intrigued, we weren't quite ready so Dean and I didn't talk too seriously about it. It was four months later when it was presented to us again and at this point we knew for sure that we were ready to jump right back in.

We hope that you will follow our blog as we happily share with you all the exciting things that God is doing in Thailand and throughout Asia.

Dean, Kathy, Baylee & Julia

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